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Gender Position und Kategorie Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Graphic Designer Marketing, Advertising, PR Podravska Not available (n/a) 25-34 1,171.17 USD
gender_icon Tile man Construction & Real Estate Podravska Not available (n/a) 3,282.47 USD
gender_icon C++ Programmer Information Technology Osrednjeslovenska Not available (n/a) 25-34 4,117.19 USD
gender_icon Lawyer Law & Legislation Gorenjska Not available (n/a) 2,129.40 USD
gender_icon HR Consultant Human Resources Osrednjeslovenska Big 2,246.52 USD
gender_icon Accounting Clerk Insurance Pomurje Not available (n/a) 1,916.46 USD
gender_icon Project Manager Construction & Real Estate Goriška Not available (n/a) 45-54 2,981.16 USD
gender_icon Pastry Chef, Confectioner Agriculture, Food Industry Osrednjeslovenska Not available (n/a) 1,597.05 USD
gender_icon Systems Engineer Information Technology Osrednjeslovenska Big 25-34 2,768.22 USD
gender_icon Programmer Information Technology Podravska Small company 25-34 1,916.46 USD