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Gender Position und Kategorie Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Labourer Production Osrednjeslovenska Middle company 35-44 1,390.00 EUR
gender_icon Waiter - Room Service Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business Dolenjska Small company 35-44 2,650.00 EUR
gender_icon Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering Osrednjeslovenska Big 2,733.00 EUR
gender_icon Event Manager Management Osrednjeslovenska Big 25-34 6,000.00 EUR
gender_icon Kinetotherapist Medicine & Social Care Savinjska Not available (n/a) 25-34 1,690.00 EUR
gender_icon Department Manager Management Osrednjeslovenska Not available (n/a) 35-44 3,567.00 EUR
gender_icon Welder Construction & Real Estate Obalna Middle company 35-44 2,033.00 EUR
gender_icon Key Account Manager Commerce Osrednjeslovenska Not available (n/a) 45-54 4,167.00 EUR
gender_icon Product Manager - Specialist Banking Osrednjeslovenska Not available (n/a) 35-44 3,000.00 EUR
gender_icon IT Director Top Management Osrednjeslovenska Not available (n/a) 45-54 7,200.00 EUR